Sport Chek Rebrand


Sport Chek Rebrand

The aim is to position Sport Chek as a superior brand experience which creates personalization for consumers aided by advanced technology while remaining approachable; ultimately leading Canadians to live more healthy and active lives.

Summary of Challenges: 

  1. A mark that conveys motivation

  2. To ensure the brand reflects Sport Chek’s approachable and personal style

  3. A systematic approach to branding in their products to convey their advanced technology and dynamic personality

  4. A mindful consideration to intertwining the ease of shopping convenience with how consumer’s needs are always changing

Solution: Sport Chek's new visual identity was designed around the goal of positioning Sport Chek as a superior brand experience while remaining approachable to our consumers in order to lead Canadians to live more healthy and active lifestyles. Through dynamic features in store, Sport Chek has allowed more personalization when it comes to purchasing our merchandise. To families or those who aren’t tech-savvy, this advanced technology can come off as intimidating. Our brand has repositioned itself to become more approachable and easier to navigate throughout retail stores, considering the consumer’s needs. 

By simplifying the wordmark to an all geometric and uppercase typeface, and changing the well known “check” to a slash, the visual identity reduces clutter and becomes more open and approachable while remaining recognizable. Sub-brands have been added into the brand identity to group and categorize sections in the stores, constructing a straightforward system for customers to navigate and find merchandise throughout our retail environments. Together, Sport Chek’s new identity supports the loyal consumer base by creating a comfortable and personalized atmosphere within the growing tech-savvy stores.