Mural Festival Rebrand


MURAL Festival 2017

Working within the limitations of what the MURAL Festival represents, I adapted MURAL’s identity by embodying the bold, urban, and expressive atmosphere of this Montreal based festival to grab the immediate attention of teens and adults.

The Challenge: The urban public art festival, Mural, is located in Boulevard Saint-Laurent in Montreal, Quebec. Artists from across the globe come to Montreal to showcase their talent and take part in this bold eleven-day event – this year from June 9-19th – presented by DeSerres in collaboration with Index Design.

With this festival, the challenge was to represent Montreal and MURAL and convey the bold, urban, and expressive atmosphere that the festival represents in one identity. From young teens to adults, the brand identity needed to encompass the festival in a way that would appeal to all audiences and engage them throughout the day. A large problem people have at festivals is navigation issues. Considering all aspects of the festival, I created an extensive identity covering from posters, brochures, web and mobile, ephemera, to wayfinding in order for people to navigate through the large festival with ease. My finished product focuses on grabbing immediate attention of the audience by conveying the boldness of the festival and lively night atmosphere that it takes place in, all while catering to the wide target audience.

The Solution: Through minimal and vivid designs, mainly using cyan, magenta, and yellow, bright colours were continuously used for a bold effect against the black background. Because most of the more lively events happen at night, black was the go to colour for a background in order to depict the night; while featuring artist’s work in the streets of Montreal allowed to show the expressive and urban aspects within this public art festival. The branding was kept fairly minimal so the intense colours weren’t too overwhelming. Cutting out the text and using artist’s work as a background for the word “MURAL” in the poster and brochure and created a ‘window’ into the festival, making for a different and fun way to express the bold, expressive, and urban nature of MURAL. Using banners with artist’s work and specific numbers as touch points to identify artists, festival goers were able to use the brochure and mobile app to determine who to see and where to go with little confusion. 


Poster - 20" x 30"



Bilingual Brochure - 5" x 7" with fold out map and schedule


Website and Mobile App - Click the images for a larger view.


Artist's Page



Shirts for sale

Tour guide and artist shirts

Pins - Can be picked up at each artist's location where they're painting.