APPOINTIME: Time Management App


Appointime is a concept app that focuses on helping you manage your projects and get them done on time.
When you input your project name, deliverables, execution hours, and due dates, this app will collect the data and work with your phone’s calendar schedule.

The Problem: Many postsecondary students and freelancers have trouble organizing the workloads of their projects around their existing calendar schedule.

The Solution: APPOINTIME eliminates procrastination and aids users in working in smaller increments to get tasks done more efficiently and balance their workload so they're not stuck trying to finish their projects the night before they’re due.

This project involves P.A.C.T. analyses, user flow, wireframes, visual mockups, prototypes using Invision, and a video promoting the app, all completed in 12 weeks. 

Working hand in hand with user's calendar schedules by breaking the deliverable’s execution time into chunks throughout week and fitting them into their schedule on a day to day basis, users will be able to find time throughout the day to work in increments on their projects and reduce procrastination; ultimately improving the quality of their work.


Pact Analysis

Flow Chart


For this app, I came up with the name 'APPOINTIME' - a compound word made of the two words appoint and time. Because this app focuses on choosing time in your schedule for your projects, I thought this name was fitting. I chose to go with a modern looking clock for the logo as this app does deal with time. 


Lo-Fidelity Wireframes

Hi-Fidelity Wireframes

Hi-Fidelity Screens

Sign in/up and home page
Users will be prompted to sign in to the app, or first time users can sign up. After signing in, users will be taken to the home screen in where they can begin by managing a project. 

New projects
When starting a new project, you will have to input your project’s title, deliverables, execution times, and due dates in order for the app to find time for you to finish your project by the due date that best fits your already busy schedule.

Infographic of time schedule
According to the project deliverables that you input, an infographic of triangles will appear. These triangles represent the amount of time during the day that you should work on specific deliverables. You can connect your phone's calendar and have the app work around your tight schedule to plan your projects.

White triangles are your calendar schedule while coloured triangles are your projects. You can click on the triangles to see the information and choose to complete the task now or later. 

Editing your projects
By clicking on the book in the top left of the app, you can view a list of your ongoing projects. To edit or delete a project, you can click on the project and do as you please. Once you delete a project, the triangles of that project will be removed.